Publishing and Writing

With a passion for research, Patané is author of several training & operations manuals and consultation reports, developed specifically for the entities that she works with. She streamlines department paperwork for accurate data interpretation and collection.

In addition to technical writing, Patané enjoys creative and non-fiction writing. Topics include home improvement, travel and human interest, with articles published in print and online. Patané was Editor-In-Chief of Handywoman's Companion, a subscriber based magazine.

Before launching the magazine online, Patané journaled and posted Handywoman's Companion articles on

Making of Masks cover     Handywoman's Companion Cover     CALM Interpretation Report cover

Three selected covers of Jeannine Patané´s publications: The Making of Masks (1995), Handywoman’s Companion (2004), Interpretation and Sign Review in Stirling Range National Park (2006).